Books for kids  by the following York Authors are featured on this page:

  • Anneliese Emmans Dean
  • Karen Langtree
  • Denny Mallows.

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Anneliese Emmans Dean
Flying High! (Discover the poetry in British birds)

Brambleby Books, 2017.  Paperback
Genre: Poetry meets ornithology. For ages 5 to 12(-ish!)
Set in York? Partially
Description: A bird book with a difference: it rhymes! This unique guide to British birds is a colourful cocktail of entertaining poems, solid science and 100 fabulous photos. Fly high with Anneliese as, season by season (and giggle by giggle), she introduces you to a wealth of birds and their life cycles, along with top tips on how to ID birds, attract them to your garden and record them too.
The companion volume to Anneliese’s award-winning Buzzing! (‘Discover the poetry in garden minibeasts’), Flying High! is a great laughter-and-learning experience for children and a rib-tickling reprise for grown-ups. In other words: a must for the bookshelves of all bird-lovers, young and old.
You’ll never look at birds in the same way again!
Reviews: ‘Made me chuckle, even laugh out loud, with pleasure!’ Professor Sir John Lawton, RSPB Vice-President
Glorious … What makes the book so special is the sheer joy, fun and enthusiasm Anneliese brings to her versions of common British birds.’ York Press
Awards:  Winner of the 2017 York Culture Award for ‘Excellence in Writing’
View sample pages: Here
Find out more:

cover of Buzzing! by Anneliese Emmans DeanAnneliese Emmans Dean
Buzzing! (Discover the poetry in garden minibeasts)
Brambleby Books, 2012. Hardback; 2015 Paperback
Genre: Poetry meets natural history. For ages 5 to 12(-ish!)
Set in York? Partially
Description: Be amazed, be amused, be afraid … it’s Buzzing! Enter the factabulous world of garden minibeasts as you’ve never seen them before. A unique cocktail of edu-taining poems, fascinating facts and over 170 of Anneliese’s close-up minibeast photos. A National Insect Week recommended children’s book and teachers’ resource. Includes the ‘Jewel of York’ – the stunning Tansy beetle, only found in York!
Reviews: ‘A fabulous fun-filled flight through the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly … You’ll be edu-entertain-amazed.’ Bumblebee Conservation Trust
‘Anneliese has discovered the poetry in insects, and knows a lot about them too. She has the buzz!’ Sir Quentin Blake, former children’s laureate
***** ‘Likely to be a favourite at home or at school.’ Books for Keeps
‘Recommended to inspire an interest in minibeasts in both children and adults.’ Primary Science
‘A rhyming romp that is captivating, humorous and entertaining … A wonderful fun-filled introduction to the invertebrate world.’ Antenna, Journal of the Royal Entomological Society
‘A delightful partnership of science, poetry and photography … Will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.’ Guardian
***** ‘A fascinating introduction to the invertebrate world … Certainly a book for making learning fun!’ Journal of Biological Education
The real stars of the book are its rhymes … Very funny.’ Science
‘Will undoubtedly help youngsters to understand invertebrates and take in information in a memorable way … [and] serve as a bedside companion for more mature entomologists.’ Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists Society
Awards: Winner of the 2015 North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award for Poetry; Shortlisted for the  Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize; nominated for the Carnegie Medal
View sample pages: Here
Find out more and buy from:
Author’s website  l  Amazon  l  Publisher’s website

My Wicked Stepmother
OneWay Press, 2008. Paperback/e-book
Genre: Children’s, 8–12  Family drama
Set in York? No
Description: Lou and her sister Nat are about  to meet their new Stepmother. What will she be like? Through lots of twists and turns Lou works out whether she is ‘wicked’ cruel, or ‘wicked’ cool.
Reviews: ‘Karen knows how children think and talk, and in Louise, her 14-year-old heroine, she has created an authentic teenage girl: obsessed with hair, boys and her diary, occasionally stroppy, and desperately insecure.’ Stephen Lewis, York Press
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website l Waterstones

Fairy-RescuersKaren Langtree
Fairy Rescuers
OneWay Press, 2010.  Paperback/e-book
Genre: Children’s, 5 -10  Fantasy adventure
Set in York?
Description: Who believes in Fairies? Certainly not Ellie. She is a tom boy. But when she finds a half dead fairy in her garden she has to change her mind. She enlists the help of Lucy – a fairy expert from year 3, and together they help the fairy and set out to rescue her missing parents.
Reviews: ‘An enchanting tale which opens up the fantasy genre to a group of children who may not have felt inclined to read a book about fairies, but find themselves following a very believable heroine into a most unusual adventure.’ Andrew Spencer, Deputy head teacher
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website  l  Waterstones

Fairy-rescuers-ElysiaKaren Langtree
Fairy Rescuers – Return to Elysia
OneWay Press, 2012.  Paperback/e-book
Genre: Children’s, 5 -10  Fantasy adventure
Set in York? No
Description: Ellie and Lucy receive an urgent request from Elysia. Gabriella has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Maleaver. Lucy and Ellie are begged to go back to help rescue her. Accidentally Nikki, the school bully, follows them into Elysia and ends up in the hands of their enemies. Should they help her or just rescue Gabriella?
Reviews: ‘A fun, modern fairy tale, with a feisty heroine that children will be able to identify with.’ York Press
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website  l  Waterstones

Cover of Mallows Time for CoppenobDenny Mallows
Time for Coppernob
Cumbrian Railways Association. 2015 Paperback
Genre: Fiction 8-12 years and adults of any age
Set in York? Yes
Description: Can York children, Liana and Joe, solve the problem with Coppernob, a real Cumbrian steam engine in the National Railway Museum? Do you dare go back in time with them? Face the dangers. Live the adventures. Solve the mysteries. This gripping story, illustrated throughout, will enchant children and adults alike.
Reviews:Time for Coppernobdesigned to introduce … railway history to a young audience is proving to be a runaway success.’ North West Evening Mail
‘What a great story.’  Sarah, aged 10
‘It is compelling and fun.’  Peter, a grown-up
Read a sample: Here
Find out more and buy from: Publisher’s website 

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