Young Adults

Books for young adults by the following York Authors are featured on this page:

  • Toni Bunnell
  • Joanna Ezekiel
  • Pauline Kirk.

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Cover of The Fidgit by Toni BunnellToni Bunnell
The Fidgit

2013,  Paperback and e-book
Genre: Young Adult
Set in York? No
Description: In the glades of forests live the little people. These are Faeries, better known as the Fae. Into this world of magic and intrigue comes the Fidgit, a small creature who was previously human. The escapades of the Fidgit in the world of Faery are told with charming candour.
Reviews: ‘This is a delightful read, and I was really disappointed when I finished it. The stories are quite enchanting. All in all a perfect read.’
‘I am glad that I discovered in Toni Bunnell an author with the gift of story telling.’
Find out more: Author’s website
Buy from: Author’s websiteAmazon

Cover of Ezekiel: The Inside-Out HouseJoanna Ezekiel
The Inside-Out House

Indigo Dreams, 2014. Paperback and e-book
Genre: Teens aged 14 and up.
Set in York? No
Description: The summer holidays have started, and Sam Green, living in the suburb of Rowham, longs for her beloved seaside home town. Then she becomes drawn to a lifelike house sculpture in the local park – the park that her father doesn’t want to talk about…
Reviews: ‘With ‘The Inside-Out House’ Joanna has elegantly written a humane story that fuses together poetry, family secrets, and magic in the urban landscape.’ Steve Toase
Find out more from: Author’s website
Find out more and buy from: Amazon l Publisher’s website

Border 7 CoverPauline Kirk
Border 7

Stairwell Books 2015, Paperback
Genre: Young Adult
Set in York? Partly
Description: An overcrowded planet; dwindling resources; dominant corporations controlling food, medicine and work; those on the outside scrabbling to survive. Border 7 captures a world not too far away. Jude is a member of The Corporation’s security force, but can she trust her colleagues? Can those outside the Refuges trust her?
Reviews: ‘This is a novel of ideas …driven not by exposition but by plot and character…a story which has both pace and complexity. Kirk’s plot begins with a daring rescue, enmeshes us in espionage and political scheming and leaves us tied to her heroine and her fate.’ Alan Smith, occasional Guardian columnist and author of Her Majesty’s Philosophers, Waterside Press
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website l Amazon l Publisher’s website

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