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The books on this page are listed by author surname – in reverse alphabetical order.
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Cover of Game of ProofTim Vicary
A Game of Proof – A mother’s fight to defend her son
White Owl Publications  4th July 2011 ebook and paperback.
Genre: Legal Thriller
Set in York? Yes
Description: A mother’s worst nightmare – can her son be guilty of murder?
Criminal barrister Sarah Newby is gaining a high reputation in York Crown Court. But what should she do when her own son, Simon, is arrested and charged with a series of brutal rapes and murders?
Reviews: ‘A brilliant British crime thriller that you really should read.’ Kindle Book Review
‘This book is a top class British legal thriller. It … puts the author up there with his American counterparts, John Grisham, Scott Turow and Michael Connolly.’ Tim Kevan, barrister, author ofLaw and Disorder
Find out more and buy from: Author’s websiteAmazon  l Author’s blog 

Cover of A Fatal VerdictTim Vicary
A Fatal Verdict – A Sister’s Revenge
White Owl Publications 9th July 2011 ebook and paperback
Genre: Legal Thriller
Set in York? Yes.
Description: What would you do if someone murdered your child, but the justice system let you down? Kathryn Walters is faced with this dreadful decision when her daughter, Shelley, is found dead in her boyfriend’s flat. York barrister Sarah Newby is confronted with one of her toughest cases yet.
Reviews: ‘Excellent … Vicary brings the drama of the court room to life, all set against the back drop of the beautiful city of York.’ Kindle Book Review
‘A superb piece of writing’ Jenny Twist, author ofDomingo’s Angel’
Awards: B.R.A.G. Medallion 2012.
Find out more and buy from:  Author’s website   l Amazon l Author’s blog

Cover of Bold CounselTim Vicary
Bold Counsel – no one hides forever
White Owl Publications 16th July 2011 ebook and paperback
Genre: Legal Thriller
Set in York? Yes
Description: York barrister Sarah Newby presents her first case in the Court of Criminal Appeal, and meets a handsome property developer, Michael Parker. But when a body is discovered in one of Michael’s cottages, she begins to wonder: is this just a coincidence, or is her new lover really a murderer?
Reviews: ‘This is another superb and accomplished British thriller by Tim Vicary, and is sure to be enjoyed by many a reader.’ Kindle Book Review
‘Simply outstanding … I cannot recommend this book more highly.’ John Bartlett, author of  ‘Chequered Justice’
Awards: The Awesome Indies Seal of Approval 2012
Find out more and buy from: Author’s websiteAmazon  l Author’s blog

Cover of Shaw - The Sweetest ThingFiona Shaw
The Sweetest Thing
Virago, 2003. Paperback/e-book
Genre:Literary Fiction, Historical fiction
Set in York? Yes
Description: Victorian York: a story is played out inside the cocoa factory and asylum, photographic studio and Meeting House. A contemporary novel about late-Victorian life, it gives us a world of morality, espionage and cocoa, in which a fortune can be made from a mouthful of sugar and a pin-up girl.
Reviews: ‘Richly researched, warmly characterised and admirably humane’ Daily Mail
‘triumphs through its unpretentiousness…For a writer to re-enact the past through the moral strength of her protagonists proclaims a considerable talent.’ TLS
‘An erotic and intimate story… a truly top flight historical novel…[which] cannot be praised too highly.’ Historical Novels Review
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website l Amazon

Cover of Kirk: The KeepersPauline Kirk
The Keepers
Virago/Litltle Brown 1996 and 1997; Stairwell Books 2013 (e-book)
Genre:  Futuristic Thriller
Set in York? Partly
Description: The Keepers conjures up a twenty-second century England fragmented by civil war. Peace and happiness are enforced at any cost. Esther is a member of a secret network of Dissidents who risk all to break free, but to rebel is the ultimate crime. Can she survive and win freedom?
Reviews:  ‘
A highly observant writer. Her characters have a life of their own… plenty of unease and all the tension of a Cold War spy thriller.’ Starburst
‘Building up to a searing climax, this is an unputdownable novel about power and betrayal and a passion for freedom which ultimately transcends both.’ Virago
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website l Amazon [ebook coming out this year] l Publisher’s website 

Cover of Ibbotson - VeilJerry Ibbotson
The Veil
Self published 2012 ebook
Genre: Urban fantasy
Set in York? Partially
Description: Something is not right in the village of Henchcombe. Terrible things walk the streets. The villagers’ deepest, darkest terrors come to life. It’s up to a group of villagers to come to the rescue. They face a journey deep underground to a place none of them could have imagined.
Reviews: ‘As a simple story of English villagers battling the evil that threatens to claim their home, it’s engrossing and enjoyable, but it’s also much deeper than that, telling us something about where evil comes from, about fear and despair, but also about love, self-sacrifice, faith and friendship.’
Read a sample: Here
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website l Amazon

Cover of Ibbotson - ChosenJerry Ibbotson
Self Published 2008 Paperback/ebook
Genre: Urban fantasy
Set in York? Partially
Description: Chosen is a grown-up coming of age tale and fantasy story in one. Magic books, undead vicars, God and fondue forks are brought together in the story of Alex Preston: a grumpy, daydreaming office worker who finds a tunnel in the basement at work.
Reviews: ‘A promising debut… There were moments in the book that allowed me to lose myself within its pages and this is what first-class fantasy is all about.’
Read a sample: Here
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website  l Amazon

Cover of Hartshorne - Time's Echo Pamela Hartshorne
Time’s Echo
Pan Macmillan, 2012. Paperback, e-book
Genre:  Women’s Fiction/Historical Fiction
Set in York? Yes
Description: Set in present day and Elizabethan York, Time’s Echo is part ghost story, part historical novel, with a dash of psychological thriller and seasoning of romance – a tale of  obsession and jealousy, of love and hate and warped desire.
Reviews: ‘A superbly haunting time-tripping story…’ Evening Telegraph (Peterborough)
‘York author Hartshorne weaves her own bit of magic with this bewitching tale.’ Northern Echo
Awards: Finalist, Romance Writers of America’s RITA® award for Best Novel with a Strong Romantic Element 2013 and shortlisted for the RoNA Award for Best Historical Romantic Novel 2013
Find out more from: Author’s website  l   Publisher’s website
Buy from: Amazon

Cover of Harper - Secrets of the DeadTom Harper
Secrets of the Dead
Arrow, 2012. Paperback/e-book
Genre: Historical Thriller
Set in York? Partially
Description: Aid worker Abby Cormac’s lover is brutally murdered in front of her, his death linked to a recently opened Roman tomb.  1700 years earlier, investigator Gaius Valerius is called to do one last job for his childhood friend, the emperor Constantine.  And the dangerous secret he discovers will reverberate down the centuries.
Reviews: ‘Oscillating between the present day and the early 4th century AD, this is a terrifically told, well researched blend of ancient history and modern Mafiosi, which brings the Balkans vividly to light. Intriguing and entertaining at the same time.’ The Times
Read a sample: Here
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website  l  Amazon  l  Publisher’s website

Cover of Cole - Baedeker Julian Cole
The Baedeker Murders
Kindle, 2012. e-book
Genre: Crime/history
Set in York? Yes
Description: Time-slip crime story set in York during the war and modern times. An old man who bombed York returns to make amends and during his pilgrimage is murdered in Guildhall. Chief Inspector Sam Rounder investigates, while brother Rick falls for a woman he has been hired to shadow.
~Reviews: ‘A good long read with sex and murder and a host of small personal dramas, sprinkled throughout; this book will while away a few good hours.’ Peter W Jenkins on Amazon
Find out more and buy from: Amazon

Cover of Cole - Felicity's Gate Julian Cole
Felicity’s Gate
Minotaur Books/Quick Brown Fox Publications, 2009. Hardback/Paperback
Genre: Crime
Set in York? Yes
Description: An artist is murdered near to York Cemetery. The chief suspect? Her friend and lover, Moses Mundy? Sam Rounder investigates. What is her connection to the cemetery; why does the inspector keep the discovery of her diaries secret; and what about that naked paintings?
Reviews: ‘Rich with symbolism, artistry and beauty a spellbinding mystery that is part crime noir, part serial killer thriller, part whodunit and part police procedural.’ Gumshoe.
‘The author proves that he’s no one-hit wonder, and “Felicity’s Gate” establishes his series as one to watch.’ Richmond Times Despatch
Find out more and buy from: Amazon

Cover of Cole - The Amateur Historian Julian Cole
The Amateur Historian
Minotaur Books/Quick Brown Fox Publications,2007. Hardback/Paperback
Genre Crime/history
Set in York? Yes
Description: A young girl is kidnaped in 2001 and her fate lies wrapped in what happened to another girl living in poverty 100 years earlier. Two brother, Rick and Sam Rounder, work on different sides of the law to solve the modern crime.
Reviews: ’The Amateur Historian succeeds on so many levels that the reader can but hope that Cole’s next effort lives up to this commanding debut.’ Richmond Times Despatch
‘A fine complex mystery’ Harriet Klausner
‘Rings so many fresh changes on the echoes-of-the-past thriller.’ Kirkus
Find out more and buy from: Amazon

ToCatchARabbit-New Helen Cadbury
To Catch a Rabbit
Moth Publishing, out soon (30 May 2013). Paperback, e-book
Genre: Crime
Set in York?
Description: There is nowhere to run…
A dead woman sits slumped against the door of a grubby trailer. She’s on Sean Denton’s patch, but who is she, how did she get there and why doesn’t CID want to investigate? As Doncaster’s youngest PCSO, Denton takes the case into his own hands, but he’s way out of his depth. When people are reported missing, Sean must work backwards – facing corruption from outside and inside the force – before anyone else falls victim to South Yorkshire’s murky world of migrants and the sex-trade.

Meanwhile Karen Friedman, professional mother of two, learns her brother has disappeared. She desperately needs to know he’s safe, but once she starts looking, she discovers unexpected things about her own needs and desires.
Played out against a gritty landscape on the edge of a northern town, Karen and Sean risk losing all they hold precious.
Reviews: ‘A hugely assured and gripping debut. Let’s hope we see a lot more of Sean Denton.’ Mark Billingham
‘This is one of those rare finds – a literary crime novel that you can’t put down.  It’s exciting, pacey, vivid, and humane.  Helen Cadbury can write and she can tell a story: read her!’ Lesley Glaister
Awards: Winner of the Northern Crime Award 2012
Read a sample: Here
Find out more: At Helen Cadbury’s website
Order from: Amazon

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