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About Me  
I have worked in IT, starting way back in the murkiest patches of time including developing the standards for the ‘world wide web’. As a child I travelled between boarding school in Kent, and whatever Middle-Eastern construction site my father was working on: these culturally enriching experiences also taught me, early on, that the world is filled with a range of interesting people; and that life, luck, circumstance are not equally distributed. I have several poems about life in India, and of the Kurdish regions of Iraq.

My mother was a very strong woman: one presumes she’d have to be, to live in far-off places whilst my father dug out great dams and built massive concrete edifices in the outer reaches of ‘The Empire’. Mother once famously scrambled eggs for the Queen…. A combination of observing the strength women could have, compared with the powerlessness of Indian street urchins destined for a life of prostitution, and certain trials dear friends have endured has informed my poetry with a humanist (feminist) aspect. I cannot tolerate watching oppression by the privileged few. I have to speak up about it, even if just in poetry.

As a composer and a life-long singer I also find that music infiltrates my poetry too: sometimes blatantly, as I describe the beauty and power of classical music; and sometimes comparatively as I find music in the touch of my lover. My appreciation of artwork also wends its way through my work.

My Book

Cover of Gillott - Beyond the WindowBeyond the Window
Fighting Cock Press. February 2012. Paperback
Genre: Poetry
Set in York? Partially
Description: Poetry that takes the reader from England, to India, to the United States, and places in between.
Reviews:Beyond the Window takes us out into the world. Here is a poet who engages with place and circumstance, ever thoughtful, his personal journey enriched with experience on three continents. He is not afraid to blend seriousness with humour, to delight us with a beautiful love-lyric, or use his deep inner sense of history and landscape to underpin commentary on issues of today.’ John Gilham
Find out more and buy from: Author’s websitePublisher’s website

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