Bob Gwynne

Bob Gwynne

Bob Gwynne


Available to give talks? Yes.
Available for school visits? Yes.
About Me
In 1996 I came to York to work for the National Railway Museum. Already interested in railways and travel, I have since learnt a great deal more about the long and evolving history of Britain’s railways. I have written three books in my spare time, as well as magazine articles, book reviews and blogs. Not quite the slim volume of exquisite poetry I’d like to be known for, but it has kept me busy.

I have appeared on TV documentaries about the Flying Scotsman and Railway Preservation and I am familiar with TV and radio broadcasting. I regularly talk to programme researchers looking into some aspect of the railway story.

From time to time I write poetry and prose when an idea grabs me and I can do nothing else but scribble it down and try to shape something that is pleasing to me. I have had a couple of these pieces published.

 My Books

Gwynne - Flying ScotsmanThe Flying Scotsman – The Train, The Locomotive, The Legend
Shire Library, 2010. Paperback and e-book
Genre: Non-fiction
Set in York? No.
Description: A succinct history of Flying Scotsman, the famous express train, and Flying Scotsman, the famous locomotive. Richly illustrated.
Reviews: ‘A useful and entertaining overview for readers new to this popular subject.’ Railway Magazine
‘A book that gives a great introduction into the history of this great machine! Highly recommended!’ Amazon reviewer
View sample pages, find out more and buy from: Amazon (paperback) | Amazon (Kindle)

Gwynne: Railway preservationRailway Preservation in Britain
Shire Library, 2011. Paperback
Genre: Non-fiction
Set in York? No.
Description: From the Victorian era right through to now, this book blends social history with the moments and personalities that led Britain to have more tourist railways than anywhere else, as well as the largest railway museum in the world.
Reviews: ‘A succinct account which is as much a piece of social history as it is of undoubted interest to railway enthusiasts.’ Today’s Railways
‘Comprehensive, reliable and absolutely fascinating.’  Amazon reviewer
Find out more and buy from: Amazon

Gwynne - Celebrating RailfestCelebrating Rail : The Story of Railfest
Trans-Pennine Publishing, 2004. Paperback
Genre: Non-fiction
Set in York?
Description:  This book describes the development and delivery of Railfest 2004’, the biggest rail show of the decade. The book came out to positive reviews and features a lot of photographs taken by the author.
Find out more and buy from: Crécy


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