Daisy Hildyard

Daisy HildyardAvailable to come to book groups? Yes

Available to give talks? Yes

Available for school visits? Yes

About Me: Daisy Hildyard was born in Malton, grew up in Ryedale, and now

lives in York with her husband, the poet Caleb Klaces, and their daughter.




My Book

Cover of Hildyard, Hunters in the SnowHunters in the Snow
Jonathan Cape, 2013, Hardback and E-Book
Vintage 2014, Paperback
Genre: Novel, literary fiction
Set in York? Yes, and Malton
Description: After his death, a young woman returns to her grandfather’s farm in Yorkshire. At his desk she finds the book he left unfinished when he died. Part story, part scholarship, his eccentric history of England moves from the founding of the printing press into the age of virtual reality.
Reviews: ‘This is a stunning first novel; Hildyard’s writing is superb.’ Kate Saunders, The Times
‘Truly dazzling… A formidably original book… A considerable work of literature.’ A. N. Wilson, Spectator
‘[Hildyard’s] debut novel is a pleasure throughout, in its haunting evocations of a historian’s life and work.’ Peter Carty
Awards: Winner of the Somerset Maugham Award; One of the ‘5 Under 35’ Authors at USA National Book Awards
Find out more and buy from: Amazon (paperback)  | Amazon (hardback) | Amazon (Kindle) | Publisher’s website




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