Karen Langtree

Karen Langtreee: karen.langtree@btinternet.com
w: www.karenlangtree.com
Twitter: @karenlangtree
Facebook: Karen Langtree Children’s author composer

Available to come to book groups?  Yes
Available to give talks? Yes
Available for school visits? Yes – KS 1,2,3
About Me
I’m a children’s author and composer living in York. I have had 3 children’s books published and one musical so far, and love doing creative writing and song writing workshops in schools. I travel all over the country doing this but particularly love visiting schools local to York as I used to be a primary school teacher in York. I have done workshops at the Wychwood festival, the Doncaster Literary festival and the Hull Truck Theatre Family Day in past years . I do book signings in Waterstones all over the country too and love meeting the children who read my books.

My latest book, ‘Breaking Silence,’ is still in manuscript form and is partly set in York, about 50 years into the future. So, how will York have changed – in my eyes? If you want a preview of the novel visit my website.

My latest musical ‘Go Grace Darling’ had it’s debut performance at a school near Manchester in March 2013. And I am currently seeking a publisher for it. Again, visit my website for previews of songs.

My passion is to inspire creativity with music and words in children and young adults in particular. I am also keen to talk about the journey of self publishing and how to make it a success.

MY WICKED STEPMOTHER-1My Wicked Stepmother
OneWay Press, 2008. Paperback/e-book
Genre: Children’s, 8–12  Family drama
Set in York? No
Description: Lou and her sister Nat are about  to meet their new Stepmother. What will she be like? Through lots of twists and turns Lou works out whether she is ‘wicked’ cruel, or ‘wicked’ cool.
Reviews: ‘Karen knows how children think and talk, and in Louise, her 14-year-old heroine, she has created an authentic teenage girl: obsessed with hair, boys and her diary, occasionally stroppy, and desperately insecure.’ Stephen Lewis, York Press
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website l Waterstones

Fairy-RescuersFairy Rescuers
OneWay Press, 2010.  Paperback/e-book
Genre: Children’s, 5 -10  Fantasy adventure
Set in York?
Description: Who believes in Fairies? Certainly not Ellie. She is a tom boy. But when she finds a half dead fairy in her garden she has to change her mind. She enlists the help of Lucy – a fairy expert from year 3, and together they help the fairy and set out to rescue her missing parents.
Reviews: ‘An enchanting tale which opens up the fantasy genre to a group of children who may not have felt inclined to read a book about fairies, but find themselves following a very believable heroine into a most unusual adventure.’ Andrew Spencer, Deputy head teacher
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website  l  Waterstones

Fairy-rescuers-ElysiaFairy Rescuers – Return to Elysia
OneWay Press, 2012.  Paperback/e-book
Genre: Children’s, 5 -10  Fantasy adventure
Set in York? No
Description: Ellie and Lucy receive an urgent request from Elysia. Gabriella has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Maleaver. Lucy and Ellie are begged to go back to help rescue her. Accidentally Nikki, the school bully, follows them into Elysia and ends up in the hands of their enemies. Should they help her or just rescue Gabriella?
Reviews: ‘A fun, modern fairy tale, with a feisty heroine that children will be able to identify with.’ York Press
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website  l  Waterstones

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