Kat Dale

e: katdaleyork@gmail.com 
w: www.katdale.co.uk
Twitter: @KatDaleOriginal
Facebook: Kat Dale
Available to come to book groups? Yes
Available to give talks? Yes

About me
I was raised in rural North Yorkshire, but home for me is definitely York. In my novels I draw on the conflicting emotional experiences of growing up on a farm and spending my adult life in the city. My writing reflects my interest in human interaction and the strategies women develop to survive and flourish. I also interpret nature and the human condition through ceramic sculpture, and take undergrads and post grads for recreational ceramics at York University. Follow my sculpture trail through legend, dream and allegory on my website.

My Book
Cover of DALE DislocationDislocation
Myopia, 2013. Paperback/e-book
Genre: Commercial literary fiction
Set in York? Set in rural and urban Yorkshire.
Description: Jane swaps her high heels for a pair of wellies to kidnap twelve getting-fat geese. But can she also kick off Oliver’s domination? Exploring emotional and sexual manipulation in relationships, Dislocation is a surreal amalgam of humour, drama and romance, with a tweak of menace and a sprinkling of philosophy.
Reviews: ***** Amazon reviews. ‘Dislocated with laughing – a great read.’ ‘A brilliant piece of observational social comment.’ ‘Beats Sudoku any day.’ ‘At times very funny, at others disturbing and dark, with passages of poetic beauty. Cleverly crafted to give a disquieting sense of what is unfolding, with some unexpected twists. Well worth a read.’
Read a sample: www.katdale.co.uk
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website | Amazon (e-book) | Amazon (paperback)

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