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About Me
I spent my childhood in Vienna before being forced to flee with my family in the weeks before the outbreak of the Second World War. My family settled in Manchester where, at a youth club for Austrian refugees, I met the Viennese boy who was to become my husband. Having had two children, I decided to utilise my love of cooking in forging a career, training as a Home Economist and then teaching in many different settings. Although I later re-trained as a social worker, and then as a family mediator, my passion for cooking remained central in my life and my desire to pass this on to my grandchildren was the starting point for my book. After retiring I moved to York in order to be close to my daughter’s family, taking an active role in caring for my granddaughters. The one granddaughter to whom I cannot pass on my cooking skills is Jessica, who died at the age of 9.
Oma Goodness!  is sold in aid of the registered charity established in Jessie’s memory. Jessie’s Fund helps children with complex needs or life-limiting illness to communicate by using music creatively and therapeutically.

My Book

Cover of Oma GoodnessRosl Schatzberger (Foreword by Victoria Wood)
Oma Goodness! Austrian magic in an English kitchen
Jessie’s Fund, 2008
Genre:  Cookery (+ autobiography)
Set in York? Partially.
Description: ‘Oma, can I have the recipe for …?’ This oft-heard plea from her grandchildren prompted Rosl Schatzberger to write her cookery book, which not only shares an expert cook’s favourite recipes, but also recaptures fascinating nuggets from a pre-war childhood in Vienna, and entertaining anecdotes from her life since. The book is sold to raise funds for the York-based charity Jessie’s Fund. Jessie, the inspiration behind Jessie’s Fund, was Rosl’s granddaughter.
Find out more from:Jessie’s Fund website
Buy from: Jessie’s Fund website lAmazon

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