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About Me
Tim Murgatroyd was born in 1966 and spent his childhood in the small West Yorkshire mill town of Brighouse. This experience taught him to endure rain with an eye out for eventual sunshine. Also, that if you are climbing a steep Pennine hill, the worst thing you can do is stop half way up.

As an identical twin, he learned that individuality is a game of two halves. Perhaps that’s why he developed an early passion for reading and writing, to find out who he imagined himself to be.

Tim went on to study English at Hertford College, Oxford University, where his suspicion was confirmed that one of life’s greatest privileges is to read and read. Poetry was his passion there. Above all, he learned that great literature is where you find it – and that often means in translation.

After university he worked with homeless people for many years until he decided, inspired by his love of books, to retrain as a teacher at York University. He currently leads creative writing workshops for all ages on both poetry and fiction writing. These have taken place in both university and school settings.

Tim Murgatroyd lives with his wife and two sons in York. He loves exploring its ancient city walls, cavernous Minster, winding snickleways and numerous pubs. Tim also plays classical and jazz guitar but can’t find the time to play as often as he’d like – too busy writing!

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My Books

Cover of Taming Poison DragonsTaming Poison Dragons
Myrmidon Books, 2009. Hardback, Paperback, ebook.
Also Translated into Chinese: Shanghai Literature and Arts Publications, 2013
Genre: Historical Fiction
Set in York? No
Description: First book in the China Trilogy
Western China, 1196…
Yun Cai, once a handsome and adored young poet, is now exiled to his family estates to suffer a bitter old age and the irritations of his feckless heir and shrewish daughter-in-law.
But ‘poison dragons’ of cruel ambition sweep away Yun Cai’s dull existence when a band of rebel horsemen terrorise his village.  He also fears a debt of honour: to save his oldest friend, the imperial courtier P’ei Ti, now the rebels’ most valuable hostage in a hellish prison.
Throughout these ordeals Yun Cai is drawn to memories of his glittering yet perilous youth in the imperial capital, and a reckless love for the beautiful singing girl, Su Lin, that cost his freedom and almost his life.  Yun Cai must now rediscover his old wit and courage to confront the ruthless warlord General An-Shu and his beautiful but sadistic consort, the Lady Ta Chi.
Taming Poison Dragons is an epic and captivating tale of honour, ruthless ambition and enduring love in Sung Dynasty China.
Reviews: ‘This epic novel captures the ethereal beauty of Chinese poetry…Murgatroyd has found a style which conveys admirably the peculiar beauty of the rich metaphorical Chinese language’ Morning Star
‘Taming Poison Dragons is a captivatingly original and unforgettable story of tragedy and enduring love in Sung Dynasty China.’ Calderdale Libraries
Awards: Entered by the publisher for  the 2009 Man Booker Prize.
Find out more and buy from: Author’s websiteAmazonPublisher’s website

Cover of Breaking BambooBreaking Bamboo
Myrmidon Books, 2010. Hardback, Paperback, ebook.
Also translated into Chinese: Shanghai Literature and Arts
Genre: Historical Fiction
Set in York? No
Description: Second book in the China Trilogy
Central China, 1264…
When Mongol armies storm into the Middle Kingdom, the descendents of Yun Cai (Taming Poison Dragons) are trapped in a desperate siege that will determine the fate of the Empire. Guang and Shih are identical twins, one a heroic soldier idolised by the city he defends, the other a humble doctor. In the midst of war, jealous conflicts over Shih’s wife and concubine threaten to tear the brothers apart. Enemies close in on every side – some disturbingly close to home. Can the Yun family survive imprisonment, ruthless treachery and Kublai Khan’s bloody hordes? Or will their own reckless passions destroy them first? Breaking Bamboo is the second instalment of a trilogy set in Song and Yuan Dynasty China, charting the trials and adventures of the Yun clan.
Reviews: “The author’s knowledge of and love for this region and era are clear, and the reader is definitely immersed in the atmosphere and culture of the time. I recommend this to anyone interested in China and also anyone who feels like reading an interesting and well-written tale of love, betrayal, war and difficult decisions.” Ann Northfield, Historical Novels Review, Issue 56, May 2011
Awards: Entered by the publisher for the 2010 Man Booker Prize.
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website   l  Amazon Publisher’s website

Cover of The Mandate of Heaven

Cover of The Mandate of Heaven

The Mandate of Heaven
Myrmidon Books, October 2013. Hardback, paperback, e-book.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Set in York? No
Description: Final book in the China Trilogy
Hou-ming, city of ghosts, central China, 1304…
In a vast graveyard created by Mongol slaughter, three children meet amidst the decaying ruins and forge a friendship that will determine their destinies.
As the years pass they separate, finding different paths in life.
Yun Shu, cruelly rejected by her father for refusing to bind her feet, seeks solace as a Daoist nun.
Hsiung, enslaved by the Mongols when just a boy, becomes a ruthless rebel warlord determined to drive the invaders from his native land.
Teng, an artist and scholar, last son of a once noble family ruined by the new Mongol dynasty, risks his life to preserve the culture he reveres.
For the three friends to come together, they must endure war, treachery greed and the casual abuse of power. To win honour and unexpected love they must overcome dangerous enemies and conflicts in the depths of their hearts.
Each of them, through clouds of troubles, must earn the Mandate of Heaven.
Reviews: to follow
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website  l  AmazonPublisher’s website

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