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Toni Bunnelle:
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About Me
Toni Bunnell is a musician, a singer-songwriter, an author and a wildlife biologist. She taught in secondary, tertiary and higher education,

and lectured in physiology at Hull University for over 16 years.She was born in Manchester and moved to Liverpool in time to catch the birth of the Mersey Beat. For two years she lived and worked in Heidelberg, Germany and moved to York in 1982 where she has lived for the past 31 years.

She writes her own songs and has been bookedrepeatedly to perform in folk clubs and festivals in the UK and Germany, as well as television and radio broadcasts. She has produced several CDs on which she sings and plays the fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, hurdy gurdy and Appalachian Mountain dulcimer. Toni has published five books on Amazon Kindle These include three in the fantasy fiction genre, a book of poems and an unusual take on life as seen through the eyes of a dog. Her book on music therapy for people with learning disabilities has been published by M&K Update, Cumbria.

On an allotment she grows vegetables and also plants that she uses to dye wool that she then spins to produce yarn. She is a member of York Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild,Scarcroft Allotment Association and belongs to York Circle Dancers.

Toni is a long-standing member of the Yorkshire Mammal Group, based in York. She has run a hedgehog rescue centre since 1990 and works in conjunction with York RSPCA. Toni set up York Hedgehog Rescue Centre, that she runs single-handedly, in 1990, and runs courses on hedgehogs, in York, on a regular basis. She is actively engaged in research in hedgehog ecology and conservation and is conducting a long-term project involving monitoring hedgehogs within York. With the aim of raising public awareness of the plight of hedgehogs in York, Toni set up a Facebook page entitled ‘Helping York’s Hedgehogs’ with an average reach of 3,000 people.

She has conducted research and published in the fields of hedgehog ecology, chemical ecology and gastroenterology. The research involving mammal conservation led to requestsby UKTV Eden to write two reports on endangered and exotic UK animals. This resulted inextensive media coverage and involved two days being interviewed for radio broadcasts across the UK.  Toni has appeared on Love your Garden, Countryfile and other prime-time television and radio programmes such as Radio 4, ‘The World Tonight’.

My books

Cover of Bunnell: The Disappearing Hedgehog

The Disappearing Hedgehog
Independent Network Publisher, 2014. Paperback
Genre: Nature
Set in York? Yes
Description: This book provides clear descriptions of what to do if you find a sick hedgehog and how to create a hedgehog-friendly garden. Unless we act now the hedgehog will soon disappear. Stories from York Hedgehog Rescue Centre describe why hedgehogs are under threat and how we can help them.
Reviews: ‘Brilliant. If you are seriously interested in saving these amazing, interesting little guys this book is a must. It tells you everything you want to know. It’s lovely.’ ‘An excellent, clearly written and authoritative book.’ ‘I highly recommend it.’
Find out more and buy from: Author’s website

Cover of The Fidgit by Toni BunnellThe Fidgit
2013,  Paperback and e-book
Genre: Young Adult
Set in York? No
Description: In the glades of forests live the little people. These are Faeries, better known as the Fae. Into this world of magic and intrigue comes the Fidgit, a small creature who was previously human. The escapades of the Fidgit in the world of Faery are told with charming candour.
Reviews: ‘This is a delightful read, and I was really disappointed when I finished it. The stories are quite enchanting. All in all a perfect read.’
‘I am glad that I discovered in Toni Bunnell an author with the gift of story telling.’
Find out more: Author’s website
Buy from: Author’s websiteAmazon

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